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Our academic advising is affirmational.  We are committed to telling our students what they CAN do and HOW to do it. Students have heard plenty of people tell them what’s not possible.  We won’t do that.  We will work with our students to identify their unique needs or barriers and develop a plan that makes sense for them.  After attending an Academic Advising Boot Camp, students will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a  physician advisor who will evaluate their academic standing and provide them with feedback on what steps to take next.  Each student will have two academic advising sessions annually but can meet more often if needed.

This program is exclusively for our mentees.  To find out when the next Academic advising session is, please email 

In most cases you will be required to complete an Academic Advising Bootcamp prior to setting up your One on One Advising Session with one of our preceptors!

Academic Advisee and Academic Advisor Portals coming soon!

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