​The I Am Abel Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to bridge socioeconomic gaps and promote achievement amongst underrepresented minority inner city youth so that every child will have a shot at the not so impossible dream. 




Mission Excerpt:

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Our foundation believes that suboptimal education combined with inadequate mentoring and opportunities are key barriers for our children.  Through our camps, conferences, internships and mentoring programs, we are determined to increase exposure, education and opportunities for underrepresented minorities in math and science, ecology, business and education with a strong emphasis on a developing a pipeline to careers in medicine.


The biblical character Cain, when confronted with the death of his brother asked, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  The I am Abel Foundation has responded resoundingly that yes, we are indeed our brother’s keeper!  We are vulnerable often because we are powerful but occasionally because we are powerless, nevertheless, full of endless potential and deserving of opportunity. We are also “Able” to do exceedingly and abundantly as far as our eyes can conceive and heart believe.  


The I Am Abel Foundation employs several key principles.  Our participants must recognize that because we are “Able” – we are capable of amazing success and must accept nothing less.  Because we are “Abel,” we are also our brother’s keeper and are each personally responsible for the success of our brother.   Our programs will be implemented not only through vertical mentoring with the help of our partners with a wide range of expertise across the business, science, education and health sectors but also through promotion of a concept we call chain mentoring whereby each student is personally responsible for the mentoring of a fellow peer as well.  Our belief is that once your life has been positively affected by the life of another, you must past it on.  Therefore, our program will focus on personal and leadership development and a commitment to volunteerism amongst our mentees. 



​The I Am Abel Foundation has a variety of programs and events geared at enabling all inner city kids who are underprivileged and unrepresented. We hold several activities year round to be able to reinforce our vision and mission of serving the youth and young adults. 


OUR PROGRAMS (please click each one to find out more):

Urban Bridges Medical Mentoring Program

Urban Bridges Student Affiliate Program

Urban Bridges International Scholars Program

100 Hearts City-wide CPR Blitz




Medical Conferences

100 Hearts Initiative

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