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The I Am Abel Foundation is a 501c3 nonp

​The I Am Abel Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to bridge socioeconomic gaps and promote achievement amongst underrepresented minority inner city youth so that every child will have a shot at the not so impossible dream. 



Our foundation believes that suboptimal education combined with inadequate mentoring and opportunities are key barriers for our children.  Through our humanitarian outreach we will forever focus our students on the purpose of serving others with our gifts and talents. Through our camps, conferences, internships and mentoring programs, we are determined to increase exposure, education and opportunities for underrepresented minorities in math, science, research, medicine, public health and medical entrepreneurship with a strong emphasis on widening our pipelines to medicine and research.  I Am Abel Foundation employs several key principles.  Our participants must recognize that because we are “Able” – we are capable of amazing success and must accept nothing less.  Because we are “Abel,” we are also our brother’s keeper and are each personally responsible for the success of our brother. 


Our foundation believes that suboptimal

The mission of I Am Abel Foundation is to identify, engage and curate the large pool of untapped gifts, talent and intellect amongst our inner city youth, with the singular goal of raising our next generation of Healthcare Heroes.  It is our fervent belief that through our pre-clinical, academic, research and mentoring pipeline programs, we will close the healthcare and death gaps that selectively impact vulnerable and minority communities resulting in poor and even devastating healthcare outcomes.  Our goal is to diversify the fields of research and medicine with exceptional talent by preparing underrepresented youth to serve their communities with passion, purpose and excellence.


Programs -Mission|Vision

The I Am Abel Foundation has a variety of programs and events geared at enabling all inner city kids who are underprivileged and unrepresented. We hold several activities year round to be able to reinforce our vision and mission of serving the youth and young adults. 


Please visit to learn more a

Please visit our programs tab to learn about our amazing program opportunities.


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