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Due to the pandemic we anticipate this will open in

August 2021 or Summer 2022. 

Please stay tuned!


Join us for this community initiative to invite our boys of color to explore a career in Medicine while playing Chicago's revered sport - basketball!

Black Men Are Disappearing From Medicine. There are now fewer black men practicing medicine today that there was in 1970.  Every fall, I Am Abel Foundation will partner with IMPACT BASKETBALL to encourage our 5th - 8th grade boys to consider careers in medicine. Chicago's Medical community is coming together to share the joy of our profession with young Chicago area boys because we know that they must SEE IT TO BE IT!

This is an annual basketball tournament for 5th -8th grade boys that uniquely introduce these kids to the field of medicine over a friendly game of basketball with the goal of attracting young boys of color to one of the most rewarding careers ever. The teams competitively battle through several brackets with the goal of winning basketball trophies and prizes, coming away with so much after after the event.

Dr. Conway  is passionate about her mission to expand the physician pipeline of I AM ABEL FOUNDATION and to prepare and produce more physicians of color.  Studies suggest, that minority physicians return to their communities to practice medicine more than physicians from any other demographic.  Dr. Conway has therefore aligned the foundation to play a key role in reducing healthcare disparities by increasing the number of physicians of color available to serve our underserved communities with passion, pride, dignity and a deep sense of humanity.  

Especially near and dear to her heart however is a concern for the relative disappearance of black men from medicine.  There are now fewer practicing black male physicians today than there was in 1970.   "We've gone backwards in time.  There is a systematic attack against our young black men on every front in the U.S. and we must all do our part to shift the narrative.  But you have to "see it to be it."  This event was designed to provide inspiration and easily recognized examples to our young boys who might not have ever considered a career in medicine without basketball as the draw.