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Need help in Math or Science Course?

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Academic STEM Center


Welcome to I Am Abel Foundation's

In order to become successful physicians, you will first need to be successful students.  That means you must have mastery of the sciences and mathematics.  The reason most students don’t do well is rarely a reflection of aptitude.  Instead, students frequently don’t have the help and support that they need in these subjects or simply get off to a poor start.

I Am Abel Foundation is committed to helping you get the help you need.  A few things to keep in mind before accessing the Academic STEM Center:

  • Always check with your instructor or teacher an access their office hours. Learning how to ask for help from the source is important.  Never miss an opportunity to get help from the source.

  • Always read your lessons in advance

  • Still don’t understand?  Don’t hesitate to request tutoring assistance from I Am Abel Foundation.  We will get you the help that you need.  Tutors will often be peer instructors but may occasionally be professors, medical students or professional tutors. 

  • You will be asked to rate your instruction to make certain that we provide you the best support possible

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