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"Dr. Conway always provided a listening ear and sound advice. The older I get, I find that genuine mentorship is difficult to come by. She is truly a gem...for the I Am Abel Foundation.

-Miatta Williams, BS

Masters of Science Candidate, Drexel School of Medicine

I often find it hard to explain to others just how significant having an African-American mentor in this field can be, particularly when navigating pathways that not many have traversed before us. So I know Sweetie must be a particular comodity as a God-fearing, encouraging, knowledgable mentor --- And yet, she always has time to talk to and encourage me. I am excited to help her vision come to fruition through the I Am Abel Foundation, because if it's even an ounce of the help she has already given to me, it is sure to be epic.

-Jessica Clay, BA, CPhT, MS 1

Drew/UCLA Medical School

She built me up to the point that I was actually confident enough to apply. In the end, all of the schools I applied to...I was accepted into. I actually would have never thought that was possible without her help."

-2nd Lt. Valynn Antoine, BS, MS2

I sought a mentor who could relate to me..for her [Sweetie], it wasn't just straight medical advice. It was important to me to have a minority mentor. I hope that if you're able to get into this Foundation and be in her presence, and learn from her, that you just soak up everything that she's telling you.

-Temi Ojo, BS, MS 1

Rosalind Franklin Univ., Chicago Medical School

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