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Whatever  your reason for donating and however you choose to make your donation, we are grateful for your support!

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I Am Abel Foundation employs several key principles. Our participants must recognize that because we are “Able” – we are capable of amazing success and must accept nothing less. Because we are “Abel,” we are also our brother’s keeper and are each personally responsible for the success of our brother. Our programs will be implemented not only through vertical mentoring with the help of our partners with a wide range of expertise across the business, science, education and health sectors, but also through promotion of a concept we call “chain mentoring,” whereby each student is personally responsible for the mentoring of a fellow peer as well. Our belief is that once your life has been positively affected by the life of another, you must pass it on. Therefore, our program will focus on personal and leadership development and a commitment to volunteerism amongst our mentees.


As a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization, your donations are fully tax deductible.  These donations will fund our programs which meet over 40 weekends annually and include many additional experiences including academic advising, medical missions, volunteering opportunities, studies abroad, College Corner (ACT Prep, Personal statement writing, mock interviewing, personalized tutoring), MedSchool University Prep and much more


Please start the donation process below that will link to your secure paypal account and make your tax-deductible donation to the I Am Abel Foundation today!

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