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#PROUD is an advocacy group of committed parents of I AM ABEL FOUNDATION Scholar mentees.  They recognize that it takes a village to raise a child and to create a physician.

In many cultures there are generations and generations of physicians through the concept of legacy.  This is not commonly seen in socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority communities.


In fact many of our student scholars will be the very first member of their household to even become college graduates.  

The old saying that "It takes a village" has never been more true.


Our #PROUD parents meet every 3rd Saturday right along side their children.  They are working hard to create an environment where their children will succeed as they navigate the rigorous and challenging pathway to medicine.  


Through fundraising, networking events,  lots of love, prayer and support, these #PROUD parents are helping I AM ABEL FOUNDATION raise our next generation of physicians.  Are you #PROUD too?

Join our mailing list and see how you can get involved as a parent or volunteer.  If not us then who?

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