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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Applying this cycle or soon for medical school? Here is some premed news you can use! Attend the PREMED CHAT with Dean Sunny Nakae: 2nd Sundays at 1pm.

We are honored that Dean Sunny Nakae, author of Premed Prep - Advice from a Medical School Admissions Dean, will be hosting free premed chats every 2nd Sunday of the month, LIVE on Zoom! This LIVE series, "Premed Chats with Dr. Nakae" is a truly unique opportunity where our students can benefit from the knowledge and guidance of a Medical School Admissions Dean that has served top institutions like Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Loyola Stritch and now the University of California Riverside School of Medicine.  What's more important than her credentials, is her passion to help premed students reach their dreams of becoming Healthcare Heroes.  She has mentored countless students underrepresented in medicine and is committed to helping you properly prepare as well.

Dr. Nakae, has graciously offered to host this live monthly session designed for I AM ABEL FOUNDATION Mentees and several other mentoring groups that she advises and supports.


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