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The Posse Foundation has identified, recruited and trained 6,993 public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential to become Posse Scholars. Since 1989, these students—many of whom might have been overlooked by traditional college selection processes—have been receiving four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships from Posse’s partner institutions of higher education. Most important, Posse Scholars persist and graduate at a rate of 90 percent and make a visible difference on campus and throughout their professional careers.


The I Am Abel Posse Scholarship Nominees

Please help us congratulate Deyona Raphy (right), Diana Guzman (middle) and Karl Wilson Jr. (below). They were each nominated by I AM ABEL FOUNDATION'S Dr. LaMenta Conway, for the coveted full Posse Scholarship. They have undergone extensive mock interviewing to prepare for their upcoming interview and we know that they will be great. They are competing for schools such as Wisconsin Madison, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Oberlin College and many more. Please wish them well as they prepare for their Posse Foundation Interview for Sept. 12 2016.

We encourage ALL CURRENT 2016-17 JUNIORS to look closely at the Posse Foundation and the incredible schools they are in partnership with.

Dr. Conway, and the I AM ABEL FOUNDATION has been granted the privilege to nominate several deserving students. If you are a current High School Junior please take a look at the school selections. If you are interested in being nominated for a Posse Scholarship, contact Dr. LaMenta Sweetie Conway at She will announce her nominations at the 2nd Annual Preparing Our Successors In Medicine Gala, April 29, 2016 at the beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory!

So Juniors... LETS' DO WORK !!

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Human Resources Expert, Sheila Gordon, and 3rd year Loyola Medical Students Arthur Pope, Josh Beverly and Camille Beecher for helping to rigorously prepare our students for their interviews!

For more information, see posse foundation website, click here.

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