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Our mentees are STILL TALKING about the Loyola Aspire Program. Many of our students spent time on campus (and some even stayed in the Med School Summer Program Dorms). We would like to again thank Dean Sunny Nakae, and the entire Loyola Stritch Medical (Dr. Sunny Nakae pictured Left)

School family for extending such generosity and hospitality to our young people. This is truly the village at work! Many of our students participated in the HEAL program (Health Equity and Advocacy Leaders) where they tackled social determinants of health. They truly learned that there are REAL obstacles that affect a population's health status far beyond the expected concerns (like high blood pressure and diabetes, to name a few!) Several students are now looking at obtaining Master's in Public Health as well as their MD!

Other students participated in the Boot Camp where Loyola helps our students navigate the daunting application process to Medical School. This experience is very expensive but was offered to our students at no additional charge. Without this assistance, many of our students would not have been able to afford to attend such a valuable program. Again, 1000 thanks to Dr. Sunny Nakae. The students also send shout outs to Dr. Mendez, Mr. Nabers, the Medical Students, Public Health Students and all the faculty and supporters who made the week incredibly informative and memorable. Thanks Loyola!!!

Loyola Anatomy Lab

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