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Saturday Morning Professor Series

Our August 18, 2018, Saturday Morning Professor will be taught by one of our I AM ABEL FOUNDATION physician mentors, Dr. Joshua Sherman who is a board certified ER physician at Christ Advocate Hospital, one of the busiest trauma centers in Chicago and the entire Midwest. You will also see him on the sidelines at Wrigley Field as a team physician for the Chicago Cubs. This young physician was born and raised in the 9th ward of New Orleans and his success is a testament to the value of mentors. In his riveting testimony, he said, "I thank God for public housing and food stamps and school lunch programs." Today Dr. Sherman is providing cutting edge care to a community much like the one that raised him up and he's eternally grateful for the village. And what do you do when you are blessed? Pass it on!

Dr. Joshua will teach our mentees Past Medical and Past Surgical History.

Please bring your notes and come prepared!!

For you future surgeons, LET'S LEARN TO SUTURE!


You can't learn when you're not present. Look to see you here!

Mark it on your calendar!

Saturday Morning Professor Series,

featuring Dr Joshua A Sherman, MD

Emergency Medicine Christ Advocate ER

TOPIC: Emergency Trauma, Hemorrhagic Shock, Wound Suturing (Past Medical and Past Surgical History)

At our new location:


6TH Floor Auditorium

645 S Central Ave, Chicago, IL

Saturday, August 18, 2018, 12 noon - 3:30 pm

for direction, please click here>


We would like to thank Loretto Hospital CEO George Miller (image above) for graciously dedicating space for our Saturday Morning Professor Series and #PROUD Monthly meetings! Having our sessions in a community hospital will open up many additional clinical opportunities and we are working to develop those as we speak. Students will meet in the 6th Floor Auditorium. #PROUD Parents will meet in the Board Room nearby. Thank you Mr. Miller and Ms. Marie Smith for coordinating.


We would also like to thank Pastor, Marcus Tabb (left) and Neighborhood United Methodist Church, my home church, for graciously allowing us to use Neighborhood as our headquarters. We will still continue to have our tutoring sessions and other programming at Neighborhood but now will move our hectic monthly sessions to Loretto. This will free up additional space at the Church for other activities. Neighborhood has always made my #PROUD parents and students feel comfortable. Pastor Tabb is a believer in community outreach and taking the church to the streets which is the mission of I AM ABEL FOUNDATION! Thanks again Pastor Tabb. We love and appreciate you and my home church - the lighthouse on the corner!

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