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CSIDPAR - MCAT Intensive Program

Updated: Mar 21

Updated, Mar 21, 2024

As part of the CSIDPAR (Chicago Summer Institute for the Advancement of Physicians and Researchers) program, I AM ABEL FOUNDATION offers two MCAT program opportunities exclusively for I Am Abel Foundation active mentees in good standing. The Summer MCAT INTENSIVE is a 12 week Summer Program with stipend. It requires FULL-TIME, in-person attendance. Our Fall/Spring MCAT INTENSIVE runs from October - April and requires at least 20-40 hours time commitment. There is no stipend. Both Programs include: ●     3rd party test prep materials at no additional cost (i.e. Blueprint, UWorld, AAMC etc...).   This can cost up to $4k if students purchased on their own.

●     Personalized and Group Tutoring and Coaching

●     Quiet, bright, clean and friendly study environment (Summer Program Only)

●     Paid parking reimbursement (Summer Program Only)

●     Stipend (Summer Program Only) so you will not have the added responsibility of working while studying 

●     Group Coaching/Tutoring 

●     Private 1:1 tutoring (customized and up to 4hr weekly)

●      Critical Analysis and Reasoning (CARS) Weekly Coaching 

●     Summer Intensive Applications are open March 18, 2024 - April 30, 2024. Sessions begin May 28, 2024 (with prep requirements given in advance).

●     Fall/Spring Intensive Applications will be open in August. .

Program requirements: I Am Abel Foundation’s Summer or Fall MCAT students must be prepared to apply for admission to medical school in the upcoming application cycle (i.e. Summer 2024 MCAT students MUST apply Summer 2025.  Fall 2024/Spring 2025 MCAT students must also apply by the summer of 2025). As such, your grades must be competitive for entrance into medical school at the time you are accepted into our MCAT program. Also, ACTIVE mentees of I Am Abel Foundation will be given preference in this process, particularly for those in the summer (stipend) program. Both programs require:

  • Your grades MUST be competitive for entrance into medical school at the time you are accepted into our MCAT program

  • Be a CURRENT mentee of I Am Abel Foundation

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 in either your COMPLETED undergraduate, post bacc, or graduate science program

  •  You can NOT participate in the summer program if you will need to attend summer classes or have outstanding classes

  •  Also can NOT have time off for vacations. Students can NOT TAKE MORE than 2 days off for the entire summer

  • Proof of registration for one of the upcoming MCAT exams MUST be uploaded or provided prior to acceptance into the program.

  • Must take proctored diagnostic exam (Full Length AAMC Sample Exam) with a minimum score of 493 (summer program only due to the speed of the course)

  • Must complete an orientation prior to start of session

To apply for the MCAT program, please click here>

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