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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I Am Abel Foundation is pleased to partner withPriscilla's Ultimate Soulfood Cafeteria to provide a tasty soul food meal to local hospitals ER, ICU or Medical Floors. Our mission is to provide some relief for our Heroes in Healthcare and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated. Our student mentees and future Heroes in Healthcare recognize the immense sacrifice those on the frontline our making and truly want to help.

I AM ABEL Foundation is partnering with Priscilla's Ultimate Soulfood Cafeteria

If you haven't been to Priscilla's, we strongly recommend that you visit one of their 3 locations. There is one in Hillside, Hazel Crest and Hanover Park.

I Am Abel Foundationis partnering with Priscilla's Ultimate Soulfood Cafeteria to feed our healthcare heroes!

We want to thank our mentees for raising funds to support this important effort and for Priscilla's for being an amazing sponsor. Now through July, I AM ABEL FOUNDATION will be visiting 1-2 local hospitals each week and bringing a little love wrapped up in a delicious meal. If you'd like to support us please donate to support our COVID-19 Relief Efforts. Select COVID-19 Relief and choose a donation category. No amount is too small!

A special thanks to Queen and the Priscilla's family for your amazing and generous support. They have been a staple in the communities for decades. Please support them as they support our Heroes.

Click here to donate!

To learn more about our COVID-19 Relief Efforts and the mission of I AM ABEL FOUNDATION to raise our next generation of Healthcare Heroes,

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