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WHAT I KNOW...Sincerely, an Exhausted, Black American Woman

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The INDEPENDENT autopsy of George Floyd has revealed what every reasonable physician and lay person alike already knew.  George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by asphyxiation caused by compression of the carotid artery and airway due to a 200lb man’s knee on his neck.... On LIVE camera

while he begged for his life

called out for his dead mother

lost control of his bodily functions

while fully detained

without resisting arrest

amongst a cloud of witnesses

due to an alleged, unsuccessful attempt  to pass a $20 counterfeit bill (yet unproven) while a racist Minneapolis policeman, OfficerChauvin, kneeled his knee into a man’s neck causing strangulation and death

while his 3 fellow officers either helped him die or watched him die and did nothing to prevent the murder of a compliant, cooperative and fully subdued suspect.

He endured  a knee to his neck, while the officer’s hands were casually in his pockets while wearing the face of righteous indignation

without a care in the world.


Please don’t be shocked either.  

This is America.  

This offense has yet to be called out as wrong by those who sit at the highest level of leadership in our country.  The crime was vicious, violent, sadly familiar and unabashedly wrong. If you refuse to see it or fail to acknowledge this obvious murder   - you are a racist as well. This I know.  Now you do too.  


What I Know

The fact that the family had to get an independent autopsy in order to obtain THE TRUTH that did not even require an autopsy - tells you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about institutional racism, inequity and corruption in America that benefits the establishment and punishes black people because it can.


What I Know

They are civilly protesting for the lives of black Americans as far away as New Zealand  because America’s  blatant civil rights atrocities have finally reached a fever pitch and the pot has boiled over.  The world is shocked and our veil lifted.  

This is America 2.0.  She is not great and far from “great again.” From the COVID19 pandemic to the riots of 2020 - so many in our country are struggling while we bail out billion dollar corporations.  We have widened the wealth, health and death gaps yet America wears designer clothes while being morally bankrupt.  In the words of my quick witted internet friends - America has become a “3rd world country wearing a Gucci belt.”   


What I Know

That while I personally ONLY believe in civil protest I know the ugly history of America from brutally stealing this land from Native American Indians to the savagery of slavery on to the horrors of Jim Crow and finally the paradox of a “post racial”  society  - America has been anything BUT civil.  America was built on a foundation of violence.  We have waged, conspired and puppeteered wars in far away lands to insure our global dominance at the price of countless foreign lives lost while we enjoyed the fruits of another land’s natural resources, wealth and riches while living unscathed and at peace on American soil - until now.