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Saturday Morning Professor, featuring Dr. Daisy Dowell, MD, Jan 19, 2019

Don't miss our next Saturday Morning Professor this Saturday, January 19, 2019, Loretto Hospital, 6th Floor

Dr. Daisy Dowell. MD will discuss about "Putting History Taking All Together!"

Dr Dowell is the current Lawndale Christian Health Center Clinical Director, Human Center. To hear Dr. Dowell's masterful message that chronicles her journey to service medicine check out the video above.

Dr Dowell is a physician, specializing in Pediatrics. She serves at Lawndale Christian Health Center in Chicago Illinois where for several years she has served and culturally diverse patient population as a physician, and a culturally diverse staff as medical director for the Homan Square Clinic site. In addition to her work in domestic missions at Lawndale, Dr. Dowell also serves as a foreign missionary to Haiti and Africa.

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Dowell served as a high school Science teacher for Chicago Public School. She remains passionate about the importance of a great education and currently serves with a culturally diverse board of directors as one of the founding board members for The Field School in Chicago -- a multicultural classical Christian school whose home in the heart the primarily African-American low-income community of Austin, in which she lives. Dr. Dowell is also involved in community advocacy, leveraging her role as a physician as a platform for the voices of those who are often overlooked, to be heard. Dr. Dowell feels very strongly that the next generation of minority physicians must be imparted with a passion to both provide excellent care to, and be a voice for their people-and has had the joy and privilege of helping to ensure this through her involvement with the I Am Abel Foundation.

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