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Pam Meadows joins I Am Abel Foundation!

We are pleased to announce that Pam Meadows will be joining the I Am Abel Foundation assisting our pre-Med students with critical pre-Med advising focused at students that are within 1-2 years of applying to medical school. She is well know to Chicago’s pre-Med community and we feel privileged to have her come aboard. Her knowledge, reflects a decades long stellar track record of helping to prepare students underrepresented in medicine gain access to careers in medicine. Areas of focus will include medical school application preparation and more.

Pamela Meadows serves as the Assistant Director of Recruitment and Retention for the College of Education. With 30 years in higher education administration, she has expertise in academic advising and career development from various educational institutions, including the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago. Prior to this role, Pamela held the multiple positions in the University of Illinois College of Medicine Urban Health Program office (COM-UHP), advising premedical and medical students. Pamela received her BA from Grinnell College, and her MEd from UIC College of Education.

Advising Philosophy, Style | “Straight No Chaser”

In the realm of advising and counseling students, my methods involve compassion, empathy, and personal support. I guide advisees towards greater self-awareness of themselves as life-long learners, so they may pursue their aspirations with confidence. My goal is to have students not only see but claim their greatness within that I see in them. Advisees have described my advising style as “real, raw, and encouraging.” I will tell students #facts and frame that information for advisees to navigate through their journey successfully. I believe strongly in developing students to be accountable, enlightened, empowered individuals, doing the “good hard work” to achieve their goals. Let’s GO!

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