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The Black Men in Medicine - State of Emergency Summit Highlights

The Black Men in Medicine - State of Emergency Summit was a wonderful event sponsored by I Am Abel Foundation and the AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges). This elegant meeting was at the lovely Gallery Guichard art gallery in historic Bronzeville on Thursday May 18th 2023. This inspirational evening brought together over 100+ black men and supporters as they partnered together alongside great food, fellowship and entertainment.

There were also inspiring talks and breakout sessions designed to identify the problem and to discuss solutions including how to improve the pipeline and to provide a safe space for black men to flourish in medicine. With black men accounting for only 2% of all practicing physicians in the U.S., the effort to increase black men in medicine is more important now than ever before. It is in fact a “state of emergency.”

A huge thanks to this stellar committee of black men in medicine that helped to make this evening come true. It’s only the beginning! It was a pleasure to serve alongside each of you!

· Ronald Rembert, MD, Committee Co-Chair

· Carl Lambert, MD

· Ed McDonald, MD

· Alexander Worix, MD

· Karl Wilson, Jr., M1

· Caylon Pettis, M4

· Kenichi Haynie, M3

A huge thanks also to the AAMC, Kedar Johnson and Kim Bellamy for not only leading one of our small group feedback sessions but providing the plenary address on Illinois Stats for black men in medicine.

With sincere gratitude we also celebrate our Principal sponsor, Takeda Pharmacy whose generous sponsorship helped to produce our amazing 3-day conference. Next year’s event will build upon the current body of work. Meet us again in May 2024!

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