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Never Walk Through A Door Without Leaving A Wedge For Others to Follow

Our Mentees Are Teaching Our Mentees.

MCAT CARS was our summer pilot program designed to introduce our early and mid college students and post baccs to the Critical Analysis and Reading Section of the current MCAT. Historically it is one of the sections that people perform the poorest in because it takes quite a bit of time to prepare yourself on how to READ and ANALYZE like the MCAT expects you to It's not a subject you can CRAM.

We would like to thank Corey Conwayfor Sharing his experience with the recent MCAT exam as well as his experience and strategies as taught by Jack Westin. He taught throughout the month of July. We also thank the students for taking time out to work on this valuable skill which takes some time to develop!! Again, we are NOT just raising up physicians. We are mentoring HEALTHCARE HEROES. If you are in high school OR college and need help with Inorganic/General Chemistry, email corey at

EACH ONE TEACH ONE! Please keep Corey and Charna Kinard in your thoughts as they are both applying for medical school as we speak. We wish them overwhelming success.We also thank both of them for sharing their gifts and talents with others!! Corey just completed the MCAT CARS pilot and Charna will be tutoring Organic Chemistry before she returns back to SIU MED PREP. If you want help with Organic Chemistry this summer, please email Charna MANY THANKS!!

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