Preparing our next Generation of Healthcare Heroes


We are counting on your support in maintaining  the following program this year...


is a part of our premier physician mentoring pipeline program of the same name that features One to One Physician mentoring, Affirmative Academic Advising (also called Triple A), Saturday Morning Professor Pre-Med Series which runs years round and features an immense range of service, shadowing, leadership and pre-med opportunities for our future physicians and healthcare leaders.  Our mentoring program also includes our Academic Stem Center, which is a robust scholarly and academic support program designed to promote success in math and sciences and premed readiness.  Many of our students are exceptional but come from poorly resourced schools.  To prepare them to be competitive for med school, they must first excel in math and science in both high school and college.  Our Academic STEM Center has 3 funding goals


This program gives our students one full month of intense instruction in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and higher math courses so that students get a head start in the subjects they will take that upcoming fall semester.  The courses are specific to the student’s grade level so this program will require significant instructor and tutoring support.  Our future healthcare heroes must first overcome their barriers in math and science. This will be our 3rd year and it has been immensely valuable for our students thus far.

Our students send out the S.O.S. sign quite frequently for help in the sciences.  While we try our best to provide our students with ongoing tutoring support, this is limited by  funding.  We are, however, seeing our students average grades in the sciences improve. Ongoing tutoring and instructional support can help us position our students for success in STEM



This is a program for our college and post-baccalaureate students who otherwise could not afford the 2-3K price tag for a course at Stanley Kaplan or Princeton Review. This will be our 2nd year offering MCAT instructional support.  We are hoping to expand and to teach ALL sections of the MCAT this year.  Last year we taught Critical Analysis and Chemistry.


Save A Life - Don't Take One!

For the past 4 years, our students have been trained as Red Cross certified Instructors of CPR and First Aid.  We have added STOP THE BLEED to empower our students to teach their peers how to save a life in the setting of trauma that is all to familiar in the communities from which our students come.  Our students have become ambassadors of nonviolence and not only carry the message of nonviolence to youth at elementary and high schools, community centers and churches FREE OF CHARGE but they also teach their peers CPR, First Aid and now, STOP THE BLEED.  To train our students, purchase supplies and to teach and certify students throughout the city incurs a significant cost.  It is our goal to train 10 additional student instructors, half of which will be bilingual, and to expand our outreach so that students, as part of their service commitment are teaching classes at least twice monthly in the communities from which they come. 




 Most of our student mentees graduating high school are struggling to afford college.  While we have been very successful in helping several of our students receive full scholarships, still others are not as fortunate though equally deserving.  It is our goal to offer academic and needs back scholarships annually to two deserving students enrolling in college.  We also wish to offer scholarship support for our post-bacc students who are enrolled in programs where there is no financial aid option.  With the exorbitant costs of pre-med applications as well as interview costs we are hoping to support our students in this area as well.

In their own words...

Testimonies from our scholars and their time with the foundation

“…She built me up to the point that I was actually confident enough to apply.  In the end, all of the schools I applied to, I was accepted into.  I actually would have never thought that was possible without her help.”

Today she is Captain Valynn Antoine

- An emergency medicine resident in Georgia

“My mentor always provided a listening ear and sound advice. The older I get, I find that genuine mentorship is difficult to come by. She is truly a gem...for the I Am Abel Foundation.”

Miatta Williams

1st Year Medical Student

St. George University

“I sought a mentor who looked like me and could relate to me.  My mentor met me at my lowest possible point along my journey when had all but given up and no longer thought it would be possible for me  to become a physician.  But with her encouragement along with other mentors and my village, I am now graduating from Rosalind Franklin Medical School in May and hope to match in Surgery.”

Temi Ojo 

4th Year Medical Student at Rosalind Franklin  and was the STILL STANDING Awardee honoring an outstanding student who overcame tremendous odds while in pursuit of their dreams.

“I can’t thank the foundation enough. My mentor is truly amazing and is more like a second mother to me. She and my writing and interviewing coach really boosted my confidence and made sure I was prepared for my scholarship interviews and essays. I feel so blessed to have them as my support system and to have them rooting for me.  Its extremely comforting and I’m beyond grateful.  Dr. Conway’s number one message that I promise to fulfill as a doctor is that I will always remember to “leave a wedge in a door for others to follow.”

Diana Guzman

now on her 2nd Year at Oberlin College having won a highly competitive FULL Posse Scholarship. This is remarkable when you consider that at one time she could only see herself going to junior college. She is successful beyond her imagination finishing her first year at college as a pre-med major with a GPA of 3.8.

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