for aspiring Physicians, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals!

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So you dream of becoming a doctor but are not sure if it is even possible? Do you desire to be on the front line as a nurse? Are you passionate about research and solving complex clinical queries?  Interested in public health? Or maybe you want to jump right in and explore career opportunities like EMT or phlebotomy.  Enjoy lively and inspirational plenary and small group sessions to encourage, motivate and empower Chicago area youth and young adults, particularly those from socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority groups who are interested in exploring careers in medicine and allied healthcare but don’t know how

*Enjoy “how to” workshops that give you the steps you must take to successfully navigate health  care careers.  The day will feature one track for students interested in becoming physicians and  another track for those interested in careers in the allied health. 


*Focus on your areas of need with our phenomenal breakout sessions.

 *Pre-med students may register in advance for one on one academic advising sessions with  experienced leaders in medical education.  Bring your transcripts and your dreams and get  personalized attention from someone who has been there and done that.  They will help you  brainstorm as you begin to navigate your very own pathway to medicine.

*Network with physicians and allied health professionals who can share there journey and help  you brainstorm your own path

*Master the MCAT and get the resources you need to score big



      Visit college and universities and learn about pre-med, nursing and allied health curriculums and their respective admission criteria

 *Explore Study Abroad opportunities at destinations like Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Cuba and  learn about other cultures while developing shadowing medical providers and developing second  language fluency.

 *Learn how you can serve on medical missions in places like Haiti and Kenya and experience  and once in a lifetime opportunity Explore local and national summer STEM research  opportunities like NIH, Fermilab, Argonne Labs, etc.

 *Learn about how to join I AM ABEL FOUNDATION’S Urban Bridges Medical Mentoring Program


Intended audience:

High school



Young adults / recent high school and college graduates

Mentors, mentees, family, friends and guests are invited to join "I AM ABEL FOUNDATION for an afternoon of celebration and fun at our "Preparing Our successors in Medicine 4th Annual Student Gala"

Don't want to miss the conference? 

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