for aspiring Physicians, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals!

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Below is the detail of the regular, in-person conference features. Stay tuned for future conference date announcement.




This conference will feature an afternoon professional track for our enrolled area medical students with the remainder of the pre-health tracks all focused on our students who seek to enter professional programs.  Specifically the following attendees are encouraged to join us on this amazing one day program!


Current Area Medical Students

 We welcome our area medical students from University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Rush, Rosalind Franklin, Loyola Stritch, Northwestern and Midwestern University to join us for high yield afternoon skills workshops, professional development sessions, problem based learning sessions, USMLE STEP 1 and 2 guidance and more geared to our CURRENT medical students.  This will be particularly valuable for all years especially for M1s and M2s who have yet to master these skills that are required on the floor during rotations).  

Pre-Health Students

  • Medicine

  • Nursing

  • Pharmacy

  • Dentistry

  • Optometry

  • Health IT

  • Allied Health (i.e. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.)



Yeah... we are too. So you dream of becoming a doctor but are not sure if it is even possible? Do you desire to be on the front line as a nurse? Are you passionate about research and solving complex clinical queries?  Want to be a pharmacist? Interested in public health? Or maybe you want to jump right in and explore career opportunities like EMT or phlebotomy.  Enjoy lively and inspirational plenary and small group sessions to encourage, motivate and empower Chicago area youth and young adults, particularly those from socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority groups who are interested in exploring careers in medicine and allied healthcare but don’t know how

  • Enjoy “how to” workshops that give you the steps you must take to successfully navigate health care careers.  Each track is meticulously designed to feature all the information you need to learn how to successfully navigate that pre-health pathway.  

  • We will have specialized workshops for Junior High, High School, College and Post Baccalaureate students as well as a special afternoon skills sessions, panel discussions and more for our area medical students.  

  • If a student attendee is in middle school or high school, they MUST be attended by a parent who MUST register on the same registration with their their student mentee.  Featured tracks listed below:



Medical Student  Afternoon Advanced Skills Sessions and Workshops (for current medical students)


  • Advanced Airway Management (i.e. Intubation, Ventilation, etc....)

  • Crash EKG Course

  • Introduction to EKG

  • Cardiac Emergencies and Mega Code (including management of SVT, Atrial fibrillation w/ RVR, Complete Heart Block

  • Problem Based Learning

  • Becoming a Medical Entrepreneur

  • Intro to Reading Xrays and CTs

  • Financial Management



  • Pre-Med (for current H.S. Juniors/Seniors/College Students and Post-bacc/graduate students)

  • Pre-Med Junior (Middle School/Early High School)

  • Pre-Nursing

  • Pre-Pharmacy

  • Pre-Dentistry

  • Health IT

  • Optometry


  • In the pre-health tracks you will learn what metrics you need to meet and what admissions exams you must master in order to gain entry into your chosen profession.  We will discuss barriers common to underrepresented, minority students and discuss proven pathways to success.  There will be specialist in Test Prep and more.

  • Learn how to suture as well as CPR and Stop The Bleed

  • A detailed schedule will be finalized and posted prior to the conference so you may plan out your itinerary.

  • Network with physicians and allied health professionals who can share there journey and help you brainstorm your own path


Intended audience:

  • Chicago Area Medical Students (Rush, UIC, Loyola Stritch, U of C, Northwestern, Midwestern and Rosalind Franklin)

  • High School Students

  • Undergraduate Students

  • Post-baccalaureate Students

  • Young adults / recent high school and college graduates

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