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Dr. Joy Elion in Haiti

Dr. Joy Elion, I AM ABEL FOUNDATION'S Medical Director for International and Global Healthare partnering with Chances 4 Children and will be travelling on a mission trip to Haiti. Dr. Elion has traveled 9 times over the past 2 1/2 years with Chances 4 Children. They operate a crèche (orphanage), several feeding programs, women's empowerment programs, a medical clinic (including mobile medical clinics) and a ministers in training program.

Information Session

Dr. Joy Elion will be hosting an information session about the upcoming trip on Sunday, Sept. 18th at 4pm - 5:30pm at her home with light refreshments.

To reserve your space at the information session, email Dr. Elion at

or call The Foundation at (866) 500-8884

The Heart of Dr. Elion

This trip will be service oriented with some medical care delivery as possible. If you are a physician, nurse, pharmacist or other health profession, your onsite expertise can allow us to deliver much needed assistance to many Haitian families. All, however, are welcome as there is plenty work to do.


The approximate cost of the trip is about $1,500. Transportation is arranged to and from the airport. We will be staying at the Chances for Children guesthouse.

The cost of housing includes breakfast and dinner and there will be an opportunity to stop at the grocery store to buy items for lunch during the week. The guesthouse does have electricity, running water and Wi-Fi access.

Haiti is a 3rd world country and there are travel vaccines that you should get prior to traveling there. You can visit your doctor or go to a travel clinic at Walgreens or a hospital. Feel free to visit the CDC website for more information on travel vaccines visit CDC website

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