Are You Ready?

Good morning scholars!

I am writing this email to my Scholars who are currently in the junior year of high school. I have been able to secure a very talented woman to help prepare you for the critical reading/analysis portion of the ACT. Some of you have means and plans to prepare for the ACT/SAT but others do not. We want to make sure that you perform outstandingly on the ACT/SAT and you MUST start planning NOW. Actually yesterday is not soon


Barbara Henry (picture to the right) is a phenomenal woman who is a retired attorney and educator who is particularly gifted in teaching writing and critical reading and analysis. My son was tutored by her some years ago and she helped to raise his ACT English score by 7 points and he did outstandingly, garnering an almost full scholarship at Purdue. She is no miracle worker. He had to do the work but she WAS the difference.

We are providing this service to students who have need of what she can offer at no charge to you. It starts with a diagnostic test. I know. No fun, but they are needed to find out where you are at so she can tailor the teaching and get you ready to kill on that section of the test. Good reading and analysis skills will help you in other areas of the test as well which are very language driven. We will meet in small group with our fellow scholars with individual assistance as needed.

So When Will We Meet?

We are customizing this experience ONLY for I AM ABEL FOUNDATION SCHOLARS. Meeting times can be flexible and in the evenings but meeting days will be on Thursday evenings.


River Forest Library on Lathrop off of Chicago in the near west suburb of River Forest.

Meeting times will be about 60-90 minutes and will typically begin on or after 5pm. We must have a firm commitment for those who care to participate to avoid a waste of precious financial resources. I know that you guys are pretty darn busy with all we have you do plus your own school and extracurricular activities so this is an optional activity but one that might be the critical turning point for you.


If you are a junior in high school, please respond to this email within the next 1-2 days at and let me know if you are interested in participating in our ACT Critical reasoning and analysis program just for juniors. It will start up in October and continue throughout the year with several holiday breaks and will take you right up to your ACT/SAT testing period.

Again, it is at no cost to you. If you are a Sophomore, pay attention! YOU GOT NEXT !!!

With Love from your Founder

LaMenta Sweetie Conway, MD, MPH

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