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Dr Kwame Foucher: Guest Speaker for I Am Abel Medicine Makers TV, Feb 10 episode

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Please welcome Dr. Kwame Foucher to the next episode of Medicine Makers. He will be our guest speaker on February 10, 2020. Kwame Foucher MD, MBA, FAAFP is the Board-certified family physician, author, and Dad coach who is also the father of 3 amazing children. He founded the Awesome Dad Community and through this resource, is working to offer tools, training, and support to help fathers have better relationships with their children and raise them into resilient, healthy, and happy adults!

He spent his career seeing patients in community medical centers around the Chicagoland area and more recently also has been the highest- ranking medical director of two major market health plans and has overseen the quality and prevention initiatives for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plans in the state of Illinois. He is well-versed and aware of the unsustainably high costs of health care and chronic illness as a result.

Focusing on the role of fathers in the lives of children, Dr. Kwame is growing a community where fathers can come to be in a non-judgmental environment and discover tools to help children to overcome adversity and live more fruitful and healthy lives.

Dr. Kwame has always been focused on having a greater influence on health than just what can be done in the exam room. He has been featured on media outlets and has been a live speaker at events sponsored by Cigna HealthSpring, United HealthCare, and the American Diabetes Association among other organizations. Dr. Kwame is committed to the growth and development of this community and the business that supports it.

To learn more about I Am Abel Foundation's Medicine Makers TV program, watch episodes, please click here>.

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