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Dr David Anyadike, MD

Dr. David Anyadike, MD

# of years with I Am Abel: 6

Title: Physician

Specialty: General Pediatrician

Brief bio:

Dr. David Anyadike is a general pediatrician who obtained his degree from Meharry Medical College (an HBCU in Tennessee), and did his pediatric residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). After residency training, he started programs with institutions like the YMCA while he did work and research into the field of family and childhood diet and activity. He now focuses on community outreach and working with youth. His favorite hobbies involve exploring the outdoors.

What aspects of I Am Abel Foundation do you enjoy the most?

Helping students discover their passion in life while meeting peers with a similar vision

What is your role (s) at I Am Abel Foundation?

Some mentoring, some coordination support

Why do you think the mission of I Am Abel is so important?

None of us became successful alone, and by re-connecting ourselves as a community we all become stronger. You've become a part of something bigger, and it's here for you.

What are your favorite things to do with your mentee?

Not just to discuss plans but accomplishments. You've successfully overcome so much, already - don't stop now!

What made you want to be a physician and why did you choose your specialty?

When I was younger I realized that I understood so little about the many important things the body did - I wanted to know more, and also help others learn and stay healthy.


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